Welcome to Life-Love-Adventure!

I’m Trudy Elaine Rivich and I am so excited to share with you the beautiful and inspirational moments I have experienced throughout an extraordinary life of travel.   What was once a simple capture of pretty landscapes and different cultural experiences, has now become more of a ‘focus with a purpose’ viewpoint on everything that I see.  I have found a much deeper appreciation for the people and places that I encounter, and greatly value the images that I capture because I seek to find more meaning and purpose within them.



Focusing with a Purpose


It’s a big family of philosophers, drama queens, and big hearted people that I come from! It’s those very traits that have given me a pathway for my creative mind to explore and see beauty and emotion in everything that comes along.  Life-Love-Adventure is the journaling of things I see and capture through my lens every chance I get!  Most of the time the philosopher in me sees that much deeper meaning of an image seen before me. That is why I find such beauty and depth in so many people and places I’ve encountered along this journey.


Malibu Beach, California

There are times when I am in beautiful places where I’m left in pure amazement of what lies before me and the fact that it even exists…from the Great Wall of China to a gold and purple sunset over a Louisiana bayou! There are other cultures around the world that have left me attentive to the different values and behaviors and have allowed me the chance to capture some of the most intriguing lifestyles.  Therefore, lies the reasons for reaching deeper within my creative mind so that the images that I create will tell a story all themselves.


The Great Wall of China

Travel and Photography have definitely enhanced my world!  I have met some of the most creative and inspirational people throughout my career because of the amazing opportunities and connections I’ve had along the way.  It is my greatest therapy and my greatest passion!


Wild Horse Sanctuary in Lompoc, California

As I continue on with my life’s journey, I invite you to enjoy the beautiful and interesting views that have been captured through my lens.  It’s an amazing and beautiful world that we live in with so many interesting things to see and do, and if my photographic journey can be of encouragement to others, then I have accomplished what I have come to do!



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